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Hello! I am James. I love design, video and music.

I am a freelance designer, video editor (Adobe ACA certified), writer, consultant and trainer. A lot of things, but things that build upon a knowledge of the digital world, design and their context within businesses and organisations.

I spent 4 years working on Wales’ flagship digital inclusion programme, Communities 2.0 offering ICT consultancy and guidance to start-up businesses, social enterprise, charities and organisations.

I graduated from UWIC (or Cardiff Metropolitan as its now known) with a degree in Fine Art. Despite managing to go through this three year course by barely drawing or painting a thing, I left with a diverse set of digital skills, and fuelled by my own interests in the use and abuse of computers, video game consoles, electronics and pixels.

A major project of mine has been Alone, in which I currently play post-rock/electronic music using a combination of retro consoles, modern technology and a lot of MIDI Cables. This project has taken me from Cardiff to London, with releases gaining an audience around the globe. This project is an ongoing, ever evolving application of things that interest me, beginning with audio manipulation using simple software, audio looping and layering, and eventually the use of professional DAWs and live shows. This year (2014) see more live shows and I’m thrilled to have been invited to play at Superbyte Festival in Manchester.

I can be also found organising events as What The Math? to promote the chiptune genre and provide a diverse addition to the Cardiff music scene.